Version 4.5: Workflow

Version 4.5 (August 2019) introduces new ways to share work within a legislative office.

Many legislative offices have a point person who manages the legislator’s inbox while other staff members may take responsibility for responses to particular emails and the legislator or chief of staff has responsibility for approving outgoing emails. This release improves support for that typical division of labor. The video explains how the new pieces can fit together in an office work flow. See also Configuring Access to Capabilities

Here is a summary of the basic changes in the Workflow release:

  • The email inbox has three new default tabs
    • Team — emails matching rules entered in the Team Emails tab of the Inbox controls. See screen print and additional notes below.
    • Assigned –for a logged-in user without Access all email capability, the inbox emails assigned to the user; for a logged-in user with Access all email capability, emails assigned to any user or to the user selected from a drop-down.
    • Ready — those assigned emails that have been approved.
  • In the Inbox, any reply text entered will be saved as draft automatically. So, you can start replies in the inbox and leave them there to come back to or for others to approve.
  • All users can now access the inbox, including those without the Access all email capability. Those without the Access all email capability will see only the Ready and Assigned tabs and only the emails assigned to them.
  • Users can now only access those constituent and issues that are assigned to them, unless their role has the Access Unassigned capability. They can only access emails that are assigned to them unless their role has the Access all email capability.
  • A new “Thumbs up” button to mark drafts as approved.
  • The dashboard now includes a new status overview of assigned cases, issues and emails to support management of overdue assignments.

When a logged-in user with the Access all email capability views the inbox, the Assigned/Ready tabs will include all inbox emails with the exact same subject line as one assigned to any user or to the user selected from drop-down. This serves to move to the assigned tab those emails that will likely get trained replies once a response has been drafted to the assigned emails.

The assignment of a constituent to a user for case management will not affect whether emails from that user appear in the assigned tab. Email assignment is for particular emails and intended to support the delegation of drafting of a response to a particular email (or a group of emails with the same subject). If a staff members is engaging in ongoing correspondence with a constituent, they should user their own office email address.

Team Emails

Screen print of Email>Controls>Team Emails Tab

Messages from emails entered in the Team Emails field will appear in the Team Tab in the inbox. You change the rules at any time and refresh the inbox to apply the new rules.

Emails in the Team Emails field should be separated with the pipe ‘|’ character. You can use the wildcard % sign. So, the following string would pull to the team tab any emails from emails containing any of the four last names.


You could also choose to put all .gov emails into the Team Tab, with this addition:


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