Using Forms with WP Issues CRM

With WP Issues CRM you can design your own custom front end forms using Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms, and then feed the data directly into WP Issues CRM, giving you all the power of WP Issues CRM to organize the data and use it for communications.

Possible applications include:

  • New case intake
  • Event registration
  • Online fundraising (with a payment gateway like Stripe linked to your form).
  • New post creation for guest users combined with constituent interest tracking.

When you submit an interfaced form, WP Issues CRM will:

  1. Check if you have a matching constituent (based on the information the form includes).
  2. If no matching constituent, create a new constituent record.
  3. Optionally, update the matched constituent with form information.
  4. Add an activity record, logging the form submission or transaction and capturing additional data.
  5. Optionally, assign the constituent as a case to a particular staff member
  6. Optionally, create a new front facing post from the submission

The steps to setting this up are:

  1. Choose and install one of the form plugins.
  2. Build a form.
  3. Go to WP Issues CRM » Interfaces on the WordPress main admin menu.
  4. Create a new interface linking that form into WP Issues CRM.
  5. Map the fields occurring in the form to the standard WP Issues CRM fields and any custom fields you have created.

You can create as many interfaces as you would like using one or more form plugins.

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