Importing/Uploading Data in WP Issues CRM

WP Issues CRM provides a robust upload () facility:

  • It chunks processing tasks so as not to exceed memory or file size limits on smaller servers when handling large data sets.
  • It allows you to upload both activities and constituents simultaneously or separately.
  • It can create new issues for classifying activities as it goes.
  • It validates data transparently so that you can fix errors or bypass them.
  • It matches new constituent records with existing records using multiple possible match rules in a transparent way that you fully control.
  • It allows you to set defaults to complete partial incoming data (for example, for a list of signers of a petition, add them to the database and also create an activity record reflecting their signing of the petition).
  • In every instance it tells you clearly what the consequences of your taking the next upload step will be, and in most instances, it gives you the ability to roll-back any mistakes you make.
  • It offers a streamlined upload option to simplify the upload of clean new data.

It begins with the familiar operating system file selection dialog:uploadinit
It uploads the file in chunks showing a progress bar and then presents file parsing options — it handles most flavors of csv file:
Once the file has been parsed successfully, WP Issues CRM offers a friendly drag-and-drop interface for associating uploaded fields with existing database fields:
Once the user maps the data, the user can run validation. WP Issues CRM will apply validation rules appropriate to the fields as mapped:uploadvalidate
For much more on how WP Issues CRM validates incoming records, please see this post.

Continue to read: The next step in the Upload Process — Matching.

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