Configuring Access to Capabilities

Revised to reflect configuration of record level access in Version 4.5, target release date August 28, 2019.

Configuration of access is based on each person’s role and the capabilities given to that role. WP Issues CRM also allows you to limit access to constituents and issues assigned to a particular user. The user in the screen shot below is being assigned the role Subscriber.

WordPress defines five roles (from most powerful, i.e., most capabilities, to least powerful):

  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber

WP Issues CRM adds one additional role ‘Constituent Manager’ which has no WordPress capabilities, but may be given WP Issues CRM capabilities.

WP Issues CRM defines six different kinds of capabilities:

  • WP Issues CRM (update assigned constituents, issues and activities and read assigned emails; can draft but not send email replies).
  • Access unassigned (access any constituent issue or activity, but only assigned emails)
  • Bulk downloads/deletes
  • View all email — unassigned and additional tabs/pages
  • Reply to email; send email — full authority to send and archive emails
  • Send email to lists — use the list functions from activity and constituent lists

To set WP Issues CRM capabilities go to ‘Configure’ underneath WP Issues CRM on the WordPress Menu (formerly known as ‘Main Settings’), then select the Security tab. Make changes. Save all settings.

If you give a WP Issues CRM capability to a WordPress role, then all more capable WordPress roles also have that capability. So, if, for example, you give Contributors the WP Issues CRM download capability, then Authors, Editors and Administrators will have that capability but not Subscribers.

Individual constituents and issues can be assigned to team members under the management tab on their update forms.

To assign team members to an email, open the email in the inbox and click the person icon in the top middle of the form and you will see this popup:

Sample Legislative Office Configuration

For a legislative office, one possible combination of roles and capabilities appears below (consistent with the screen shot above).

Office roles vs. WordPress roles in user profiles:

  • Chief of Staff: Administrator — all capability
  • Communications Director: Editor
  • Experienced staff: Author
  • Junior Staff: Contributor
  • Interns: Subscriber.

Access settings in the Configure/Security tab:

  • Send email to lists: Administrator
  • Send and reply to email: Editors
  • Access all email: Editors
  • Bulk downloads/deletes: Authors
  • Access unassigned: Contributors
  • Basic WP Issues CRM: Subscribers

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