WP Issues CRM is built around three simple data constructs:  Constituents, Issues and Activities.


Constituents are people (or institutions) and you can save basic information about them, including whatever custom information you might choose to define through custom fields.  WP Issues CRM stores constituents in custom tables within the WordPress database for fast retrieval.



Issues can be used to represent anything that a constituent or constituent activity might have a relationship to.  An issue could be a public policy issue like “Charter Schools” and you could log incoming email as pertaining to that issue.  Or, an issue could be “the Town Club” and you could identify constituents as members.   Or an issue could be the 2016 Presidential Primary and you could record people as having voted in that election.  WP Issues CRM stores issues as WordPress posts.  WP Issues CRM stores the issue posts as private, but you can make them public or use any public post from your website as an issue.saveissue


Activities can be used to represent anything that a constituent might do or be with respect to an issue.  You can define whatever set of activity types you wish to.  You could have “Email”, “Letter”, and “Call” as activity types and use them to record incoming contacts from constituents and classify them by issue.  Or you could define activities like “Is a Member of” or “Voted in”.  saveactivity
The activity add form is available from within the issue and constituent forms.

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